How to Contribute

What if you want to contribute to the project and web site. This page details ways you can contribute.

1. Leave a comment

You can leave comments on each of the Interludes. We have also added a Guest Book for general comments.

To add comments you need to get an account and log in.

Voyant also has a Twitter handle @VoyantTools - you can use that to leave comments on Twitter that we check.

2. Send us a message

You can send us email at:

  • Stefan Sinclair: stefan dot sinclair at mcgill dot ca
  • Geoffrey Rockwell: geoffrey dot rockwell at ualberta dot ca

3. Contribute an essay

Do you have an essay that embeds Voyant panels or is otherwise relevant to the project? We welcome the following sorts of essays:

  • Essays that use Voyant, especially ones that use embedded hermeneutica (embedded panels).
  • Essays that show online analytics or embedded hermeneutica, whether or not they use Voyant. (We would love to see your emebedded analytics.)
  • Essays about text analysis, including student essays.
  • Examples of learning materials that use Voyant or build on Hermenutica.
  • Student Essays that respond to Hermeneutica or show how Voyant can be used are particularly welcome.

To contribute your essay we ask you to:

  • If your essay is online please send us a link. If it is not online please send us a PDF.
  • We will review the essay and, if it is appropriate, ask you for formal permission to republish it under a Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 4.0) license. We will ask you for an email licensing us.
  • We will then link to your essay or publish it as a page here on The links to essays published here or elsewhere will show up on the Resources page.

Note: we are as busy as you are so it can take a while to catch up if lots of essays are sent to us.

4. Teaching with Hermeneutica

We happy to support instructors using Hermeneutica and/or Voyant in their classes. Please email us.